Email the Excel or PDF version to salesdesk@vanberkumnursery.com (using Excel is our preferred method and will result in a quicker turnaround time in receiving order confirmation). You can also fax the PDF version to 603-463-7326 or call the office at 603-463-7663.

Orders must be received and confirmed by noon two days prior to the delivery date (for example, if an order is delivered Wednesday, we will need to have your complete request in by noon the preceding Monday). We cannot guarantee that last-minute additions can be accommodated, but we will always try! To simplify ordering please consider using our current availability.

*Pre-Orders can be placed after the season (December) and must be delivered/picked up by May 15th, or the plants held will be released back into our available inventory.

*After March, orders further than 30 days out can be submitted, but we cannot guarantee crop availability due to supply chain issues, production schedules, and crop loss.

A 20% restocking fee will be applied to orders canceled less than 24 hours before delivery and for any unqualified returns.

All transactions will be on a cash basis unless a prior credit has been established. All bills are due at net 30 days or will be subject to a 2% monthly charge on late invoices. Customers are responsible for incurred collections fees. We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards (including AMEX). We impose a 3% surcharge fee on the transaction amount of credit cards purchases (we do not surcharge debit cards).

We strive to recycle as much plastic waste as possible, so we will take back any plastic pots/trays you have, not just our own! We have a collection point at the nursery where you can add your pots anytime during business hours. At the end of Summer, we can often pick up recycling if we are delivering to you. Call the office to arrange a pickup time.

We Deliver! We break our geographical delivery area into zones based on drive mileage from the nursery (see chart below). There is a minimum order size for each zone. The delivery fee will either be a percent of the total order (before discounts are applied) or a set minimum, whichever is greater.

Zone Distance Min. Order $ Min. Delivery Fee Max Delivery % Off Day Fee Fuel Surcharge
Zone 1 10-50 miles $400 $80 8% $100 $25
Zone 2 50-100 miles $550 $120 9% $150 $30
Zone 3 100-150 miles $1100 $180 12% $200 $55
Zone 4 150-200 miles $1600 $260 14% $300 $80
Zone 5 200+ miles Quoted Quoted Quoted Quoted Quoted

The chart below shows what days we deliver to each area.

Monday MB-Metro Boston, NY-New York, CT-Connecticut
Tuesday WM-Western MA, SWVT-Southwest Vermont, SCVT-South Central Vermont, NY-New York, *CT-Connecticut (maybe)
Wednesday ME-Maine, NH-New Hampshire & Lakes Region
Thursday MB-Metro Boston, CP-Cape Cod, RI-Rhode Island
Friday NS-North Shore MA, NVT-Northern Vermont

We cannot guarantee morning delivery; it is common for our drivers to travel long distances with several stops. During slow times of the year, we may need more flexibility in scheduling your delivery.

It is our goal to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules. We will try to arrange delivery if you need material on a day outside our usual shipping schedule. An ‘off day’ charge based on delivery zone will be applied in addition to your typical delivery for this service.

*We do not ship plants via third-party commercial shipping services (i.e., UPS)

We love when customers visit the nursery! As we’ve grown considerably in the last few years, we feel it’s important for our customers to be aware that we are not well set up for shopping. So, while you’re always welcome to walk the nursery and place an order, please keep in mind that many of the plants in the nursery are already sold and awaiting delivery. It may also take our staff some time to enter your order and gather the plants.

We recommend that customers place pick-up orders at least 24 hours in advance so that we can have the plants pulled and waiting for you in our designated pick-up area.

If you plan on coming in to place an order, you will be given our latest availability and an order form to fill out and give back to our office staff. If you choose to print one out before you visit, see our availability page to print our most recent forms.

*We ask customers walking the nursery not to move plants from beds or greenhouses. We have expert staff that will pull plants from the best location that has that plant available.