Monarda fistulosa

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Wild Bergamot is a wide spread native with a long history. Popular in the ethnobotany of the Native Americans, Wild Bergamot has been used to clear colds and calm stomachs as a tea and a steam additive and was embraced by Europeans as a tea. Tolerant of clay soil, deer browsing, and dry periods, Wild Bergamot does appreciate some extra mulch in the spring as it will spread through shallow runners in loose soil and topdress. Will get up to 4 feet tall with lavender-pink tubular flowers and showy pink bracts. Lightly deadhead throughout the season to prolong flowering and will spread seed if left for winter interest. Likes good air circulation and is a great native addition and talking point for any herb garden.

Photo courtesy of New England Wildflower Society.

One of our New England Meadows, a selected list made up of perennials that are indigenous to the New England area and which grow well in meadow situations. This list includes both open pollinated and horticultural selections.

One of our Wicked Ruggeds, a list with our choices for perennials that stand the test of time... rugged, hardy and durable.

Native to the United States.

Botanical Name
Monarda fistulosa
Common Name
Wild Bergamont
Hardy to Zone
Sun/Part Shade

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