Wicked Ruggeds:

As more newly bred plants are introduced into our plant pallet, the line between long lived perennials and annuals is becoming blurred. Many of our customers are asking for long lived perennials that rarely need dividing, and that can be used in massing. We have thought hard about the plants we grow, and have been ruthless in what we have left off this list. These are the really tough ones; the plants that, when given the correct conditions, will thrive over the long run and will seldom need dividing. They won’t need picky dead-heading. These are ‘Wicked Rugged’ plants. Keep in mind that a lot of the other plants we grow will last in the garden for a long time, but will need dividing every 4 or 5 years to look their best. We have not included these. Also, a lot of great plants that we grow, tend to be somewhat short lived, but will seed in reliably, and give a lifetime of beauty, such as Aquilegia, Corydalis lutea, and Campanula persicifolia. We have not included these either. We are looking at perennials that you can plant in a specific place and know they will thrive with minimal care.

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Wicked Ruggeds for New England Landscapes Plant List