Polygonatum pubescens

Polygonatum pubescens

A Solomon’s Seal going through puberty? Its leaves are slightly hairy underneath! Native to eastern North America and found in rich, deciduous, and mixed fields. Yellow-green flowers appear between May and June.

Solomon’s Seal is a wonderful woodland genus with arching, branchless stems, and tubular flowers that hang from each node. Solomon’s Seal has large, dark blue fruit, and dark yellow fall color. It is an essential architectural plant for the woodland garden and will do well in deep shade. Competes well with tree roots.

The photo on bottom left shows a variety or cultivar similar to the one above. It may be a different color or slightly different size, but it gives you an idea of what it will look like in a garden or landscape setting.

One of our New England Woodlanders: perennials that are native to New England, nursery propagated, but never collected from the wild; grown in New Hampshire.

One of our Wicked Ruggeds, a list with our choices for perennials that stand the test of time... rugged, hardy and durable.

Botanical Name
Polygonatum pubescens
Common Name
Hairy Solomon's Seal
Late Spring
Hardy to Zone
Part Shade/Shade

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