Grass Panicum virgatum 'Rotstrahlbusch'

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Tolerates a wide range of soils but tends to flop in rich soils. Noted for its excellent burgundy-red fall color. Silver-green leaves start acquiring reddish tones in mid-summer. Best in full sun. Use with fall blooming Asters.

Panicum is a native warm-season genus that has lately become very popular with designers and hybridizers, both because of its toughness, and because of a resurgence of interest in native varieties. It is also being researched as an alternate to corn for fuel. One of the primary prairie grasses.

Though late to emerge in spring, grasses create a striking vertical accent in the summer garden; their flowers add grace to the fall garden, and in winter, they add more interest than almost any other plant. There are many to choose from in our climate.

One of our New England Meadows, a selected list made up of perennials that are indigenous to the New England area and which grow well in meadow situations. This list includes both open pollinated and horticultural selections.

One of our Wicked Ruggeds, a list with our choices for perennials that stand the test of time... rugged, hardy and durable.

Botanical Name
Grass Panicum virgatum 'Rotstrahlbusch'
Common Name
Rotstrahlbusch Red Switch Grass
Hardy to Zone
Sun/Part Shade

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