Our Perennial Listing:

Aster linariifolius

Common Name: Stiff-leaved Aster
Botanical Name: Aster linariifolius
Family: Asteraceae
Light: sun
Height: 12-24"
Bloom: Sep
Spacing: 12"
Color: violet blue
Zones: 4-8
This Aster, a northeastern native, never has a mildew problem. It has unusual needle-like foliage that stays neat and low. Small flowers have yellow centers. Needs full sun to be at its best. Asters are fall blooming favorites; they have daisy-like flowers and come in a variety of colors. We have selected mildew-resistant varieties but moisture and good drainage will also help control mildew.

One of our New England Meadows, a selected list made up of perennials that are indigenous to the New England area and which grow well in meadow situations. This list includes both open pollinated and horticultural selections.

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