About Our Nursery

Some of our Hemerocallis in bloom!


We asked you what was important about Van Berkum Nursery in choosing us as a source of perennials. Here are the top 12 items….

1. You love our website with its photos and information and the fact that your customers can use it as well. Check out the printable plant list under Perennial Photos and Info, where you can make a presentation of selected perennials for you or your clients. We’d love you to link us to your own website. Check out the reasons below.
2016 homepage.pdf

2. You like our 185 page educational catalog, so we’ll keep sending it.

3. You want good availability from March-November, that’s our goal as well!

4. You like our selection of tough rugged perennials that last a long time in the landscape with minimal care. That has been a specialty of ours for 20 years, but we gave them a name….’Wicked Ruggeds’. Look for them under our Specialty Lists subpage.

5. Finding our New England Woodlanders, our trademarked series of perennials native to New England.

6. You want us to be environmentally friendly. We strive for that.

7. You want high quality tough plants that last through our crazy winters, not the forced greenhouse variety.

8. You like advice from our incredible staff – no introduction needed

9. You like getting deliveries from our incredible drivers, who go above and beyond.

10. You like our weekly availability list, complete with current ratings of each crop in the nursery. How DO they look this week?

11. It’s nice having the option of larger sizes, trade gallons, true gallons, two gallons and even three gallons.

12. A delivery schedule that is organized around specific days to each area is best for you.

And honorable mention goes to the following 5 items:

  1. Spec racks on our trucks, so you can be enticed with more in bloom.
  2. An invitation to bring your customers to plan and peruse our display gardens.
  3. The ability to buy plants as singles if needed.
  4. Custom tag stickers with our photos and information.